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Occasionally, apps may not load properly on a BlackBerry phone.

A simple battery pull can provide the kick start a phone needs to properly load the applications. A battery pull does not harm any of the data on the phone and is a good troubleshooting technique for most of the BlackBerry's issues. Remove the phone's battery cover and battery for at least one minute.

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Check the phone's expanded home screen for the application when the phone fully loads. On the off chance that the application was uninstalled, reinstalling BBM on the smartphone is a quick resolution.

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I Don't Have BBM on My BlackBerry

More Information. Atlantic residents please visit www. Recycling instructions Bell supports provincial battery recycling programs by remitting Environmental Handling Fees for designated products. For more information about the designated battery types and recycling depot locations, please visit the Call2recycle web-site http: BIS allows you to send and receive email wirelessly. The best way to set up your BlackBerry smartphone for email is called automatic login.


This method allows you to set up email directly from your BlackBerry smartphone, without needing to remember a username or password for your BlackBerry Internet Service BIS account. If you ever need to change your email settings, simply go to Email Settings and you will have immediate access to your BIS account and options.

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If you are using automatic login, you can access BlackBerry Internet Service by following these steps:. If you are using a BlackBerry Internet Service login, you can access your email settings at bell.

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If you have forgotten your BlackBerry Internet Service password, you can use the password recovery option on your smartphone:. Alternatively, you can visit bell. A message containing your new password will be sent to your BlackBerry smartphone. If you have forgotten your username, please call Bell Mobility. In our ongoing efforts to improve our support section, your opinion is invaluable.

BlackBerry Curve 8520

Please let us know what we did well or what we can improve about this article. If you require assistance, please Contact us. Search within: Selected search filter All topics. Step 1: Check Folders The first place you should check is the various folders on your BlackBerry smartphone.

How To - Blackberry

Step 2: How to show hidden icons 1. From the Home screen, press the Menu key 2. Do one of the following: How to unhide icons 1. Step 3: