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  1. Configuration Guide for Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal, Release 10.0(1)
  2. Stable version: JES 4.3
  3. Oracle Brings Java to iOS Devices (and Android too)
  4. NetBeans IDE Installation Instructions
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If Java is not installed, you receive the following message: Would you like to install one now?

Configuration Guide for Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal, Release 10.0(1)

It is now an optional install that you must select. Since current Adobe installers and applications were built before these changes by Apple, Adobe software anticipates that Java is installed. Adobe and Apple have worked together to ensure that you can install Java at OS install time.

Or it can be installed later before you install Adobe applications. At runtime, when you launch an Adobe application, you are prompted to install Java if it is not already installed. If you do not install Java before running an Adobe application, there can be missing or improperly behaving features. If you encounter any issues, install Java to correct the problems. All Apps User Guide.

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The components cover everything from simple controls such as text fields, date pickers, buttons and links, to advanced data visualization components such as graphs, gauges and maps, and including unique mobile UI patterns such as lists, and toggle selectors.

Want to see the components in action? Access this demo instance from your mobile device.

Stable version: JES 4.3

Need to further customize the look and feel? You can use CSS3 to achieve this.

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A controller layer - similar in functionality to the JSF controller - allows developer to simplify the way they build navigation between pages. The logic behind the pages is written in managed beans with various scopes — again similar to the JSF approach. Oracle conveniently packaged access to these services in a set of services that you can just drag and drop into your pages as buttons and links, or code into your managed beans Java calls to activate. Underneath the covers this layer is implemented using the open source phonegap solution.

Another vital component of update to remember is OS updates.

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  • Tap the "Settings" icon on the home screen?

Have you been affected by the highly virulent self-replicating ransomware? If not, how can you protect your data without paying the ransom? Read More. Right now you can pick and choose. Windows 10, however, will force updates onto you.

Oracle Brings Java to iOS Devices (and Android too)

It has advantages, like improved security, but it can also go wrong. What's more Read More , but those on Windows 7 might have disabled them. We show you how the 13 year old operating system is now riddled with security issues. Taken all together, can we still say that Java is the biggest security risk for desktops? Not really. This opens them up to security vulnerabilities. Having an outdated version of Flash, Adobe Reader, or iTunes could open you up to attack too. We can glean from the data above that programs without automatic updates are typically the least secure.

NetBeans IDE Installation Instructions

Here are several common design quirks that drive people crazy. This leads people to ignore the updates and leave an insecure version installed. Lately, most security holes in macOS have been thanks to oversights from Apple itself. I need to install NetBeans for something.

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The Mac version ships as an installer package! But then it wanted me to install Java…. Nope nope nope. Firefox provides this version for business environments; it provides the latest security updates but waits longer to roll out feature updates. The current version, 52, supports Java and other legacy plugins will be available until sometime in Q2 Think Again Flash isn't the only browser plugin that presents a risk to your online privacy and security.

Chrome Web Store & Apps on iPad

Here are three more plugins that you probably have installed in your browser, but should uninstall today. Read More installed anymore. Want to get it running on your Linux computer?