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  1. Galaxy S5 Download Booster combines LTE and WiFi
  2. Work-around: Enabling Download Booster on the Verizon and AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 | Tech Times
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  4. What is the Download Booster and how do I enable it on my Samsung Galaxy Alpha?

Let us know in the comments if you notice any speed increases after trying these instructions. Love Tech Times? Let's Keep in Touch! Sign up for our email newsletter today. You just enable it together with WiFi and mobile data. Then it is supposed to work when you download large files. Please note, it only works when you are downloading file through web browser there should be a downloading icon in the status bar. Mobile network mode?

Galaxy S5 Download Booster combines LTE and WiFi

It depends on your carrier you mobile plan and available connections as well. Hi Sir. Can you please guide me? The download booster can be the best feature.

Work-around: Enabling Download Booster on the Verizon and AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 | Tech Times

All samsung have to do is have download booster support downloads from apps and torrents. If you cannot find download booster in the Settings, it simply means this feature is not available in your phone. No, it has nothing to do with mobile signal strength. Download booster will only boost the download speed when your LTE speed is close to your wifi speed. It will not work on your phone.

Samsung GS5: How to enable and use download booster

I will have to check that out, because I believe it does come with the download booster. I will check with the store I bought the phone. Keep you posted on this one. My phone: SM-GH, 4. Please note, download booster will only be triggered when you are downloading large files. It will not be triggered for other traffics, e. I have Download Booster enabled on my Samsung S5.

So I try download a file over http. But it download files only over Wifi, it never uses LTE. If I switch off Wifi , it stops the download, if I switch Wifi again on, it starts the download again, but it does not try to do it over LTE. If not, you need check whether your mobile data work properly.

Sometimes, mobile data is connected, but no internet access due to some wrong APN settings. To use download booster, the file size should be larger than 20MB. You may also try the Internet app, not Chrome. Download booster works only: Wifi is enabled and connected; 3.

Thank you. Glad we were able to help. Your feedback helps us provide better support

Mobile data is enabled; 4. The size of the file to be downloaded is larger than 20MB. Hello, I would like to kwon whats the technical performance, I mean, does it uses multiple http paths thanks to a proxy? Yes, it use two internet streams. If the server supports multistreams, WiFi and mobile data will be used concurrently. If the server does not support it, mobile data and WiFi can be bridged. Share this: Twitter LinkedIn Facebook. Comments Will this be available for the galaxy s4 too? Unlikely, the download booster probably requires some hardware level changes.

Galaxy S5 manual: This means download booster is not available for the phone model. It is unlikely. We will confirm this in a few days. You can check the quick settings to see whether you get the toggle. Why is that? This feature was disabled by some carries, mainly US carriers. Thanks, Josh.

No, 4g LTE only. It is not always faster. It is ideal when the speed of WiFi and 4G is close. Yes, in some regions, some carriers removed this feature, mainly US carriers. Would you please elaborate? Waiting for reply. Also, did you try to verify that the S5 is genuine? For unlocked models, download booster should be available. Please note download booster is only available on s5 4g lte models only. Is note No official words yet. Can I use the download booster for downloading torrent files using torrent application? Is download booster will work on galaxy s5 sm-ghzwltpa? No, download booster is only available on 4G LTE models.

SM-GH is a 3G model. Download booster is available on 4G LTE models only. A few carriers, mainly US carriers, choose to disable this feature even for 4G models. It is much better if all models of the Samsung s5 had a 4g…..

What is the Download Booster and how do I enable it on my Samsung Galaxy Alpha?

What should the download booster icon look like? Should it lit or gray in color? For your case, you need test the phone with the same sim card. Not sure. I think it should be available already. Anyway, check with local Samsung office. Samsung put a lot of focus into the network performance capabilities of the S5 during their launch event in Barcelona, with Download Booster as one of the big things you could do to see for yourself how much faster your phone is.

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